Monday, July 25, 2011

Team Rose Buds

Once Team Rose Buds became a family affair, I was interested to know what inspired them to want to walk. Do they have PINK BLOOD and PASSION.

Team Rose Buds ~ a "family affair" honoring mom/granny a 12 year breast cancer survivor
Michele, Miller, my sister, who I am also crewing with in Atlanta for Team Twitter Rose Buds
David Johnson, a brother of love, we don't share the same parents but we share the love of siblings
Jessica Lawler, Michele's oldest daughter and my goddaughter
Jennifer Miller, Michele's baby girl
Jacob Boyle, my baby boy

Michele: When I participated in the 3 Day walk in 2010, I found it to be a truly amazing experience. In 2010, as I prepared for the 3-Day walk, by participating in the training walks and attending other 3 Day events, I met so many awesome 3 Day participates who are all working to spread the word of breast cancer awareness. After I completed the 3 Day walk, I felt like I have actually gotten back more from participating in event than what I had given. So when my daughters, Jessica and Jennifer, Brother, Dave, Nephew, Jake, said that they wanted to participate in the walk in 2011, I was thrilled and proud that they decided to join our team and take part in this awesome event. I decided then that I was going to fully commit to give my time this year to spread the word of breast cancer awareness by crewing in Atlanta, helping Team Rose Buds to meet its fund raising goal, so that team Rose Buds can honor our Mom, Queen of Rose Buds, and to bring more awareness to breast cancer.

David: You two were good inspiration. I have 2 aunts that have lost a breast. Megan has skin cancer. My mom had a uterine cancer. I wanted to do something more than i have before. Embarrassment works both ways!! ;-) I do think if we can stop this cancer we can stop them all. Got to start somewhere!

**David was such an awesome walker stalker when Michele and I walked last year. He shaved a Komen ribbon in his chest hair, wore a pink tutu, and supported us at cheer stations.**

Jessica:  Why I want to walk the 3-day? Not only am I walking for my Granny who is a 12 year survivor, I am walking because breast cancer can happen to anyone at anytime. Two years ago my Sister was at the doctor and they found some lumps on her breast. It was very scary for me thinking that my younger Sister could be affected by breast cancer. When I was at the 3-day walk closing ceremony to support my Aunt & Mother I was touched by all of the support and it really hit me that breast cancer is a serious disease that is effecting so many people every day. It is time to put a stop to this horrible disease that takes so many women & men each year! I am so excited to participate in this great event with my awesome family! I am also excited to skip and dance across the finish line with the two women who are my inspiration in life, my Mother & Aunt!

Jennifer: As I watched the flag being raised at the morning ceremony the first day of the 3-day last year and seeing all of the amazing things about the Susan G. Komen just touched my heart. It was so incredible to watch my mom Michele and Aunt Heidi do such an amazing thing by walking in the 3-day. I just knew I had to do this! I had to do this for me, for my Granny, and for all of the others out there because we need to find a cure. At the closing ceremony I made a promise that I would walk in 3-day this year and I am so happy I made that promise and to be going on this awesome journey for the fight to end breast cancer. This is a goal I have made for myself and I am going to make it happen!

Jacob: Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the 2010 3-day to cheer on my mother and Aunt Michele. However, even without being at the walk and seeing what it’s like, I was inspired by mother and how much I could see that the walk changed her life. I was inspired by her dedication and the way her face lit up even when receiving a donation. She was not affected by the long painful training walks, the effort it took to raise the money, or even the 60 miles itself. She was more affected by the people she had met, the accomplishments she made, and the thought of helping others. I am walking because I want to feel the same way she did about helping others. I want to experience something that is truly life-changing for me, my family, and the rest of the world.

Heidi: I am involved because my heart tells me I must do my part in the fight. Although I do the breast cancer walk, my thoughts never leave those who have fought cancer, including my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, who both lost battles before I ever got to meet them; my best friend's who lost her 3-year-old daughter to cancer; my coworkers who have battled breast cancer; my coworkers whose spouses that have battled or are battling cancer; and for the new stories people share about how their life was changed due to cancer. When I ask others if there is someone they would like me honor during my walk, the list grows. All these factors get my pink blooding more fiercely and this fuels the passion and sacrifices happen because "everyone deserves a lifetime."

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