Sunday, July 24, 2011


The 3-Day season kicked off this weekend in Boston, and the amazing spirit of those involved in this event was apparent from the beginning. Boston faced record-breaking heat, which shortened the route on both days 1 & 2. In addition to the 100 degree temperatures, walkers and crew had to contend with rain and lightening. Participants were sent to the hospital with heat exhaustion, and from what I am hearing many returned to finish out the walk on day 2 and/or 3.

That to me is the true definition of PASSION!

If you haven’t ever experienced the 3-Day is hard to understand this passion. The only way I can explain it is that you are infected with PINK BLOOD. Without a doubt those who have battled or are battling breast cancer have pink blood. However, walkers, crew, staff, volunteers, and walker stalkers can have pink blood too.

As I began this journey, I was amazed how many people that are affected and don’t have a personal connection to breast cancer. I also was surprised how many people get it and how many don’t. I can guarantee if you have been to a 3-Day event you will get it. Just ask my nieces, Jessica and Jennifer, and brother, Dave, who were affected by my sister, Michele, and my participation last year. And although my son Jacob didn’t attend he was affected by the how the 3-Day has changed me.
Pinkie promises where made, and we will be walking in the Tampa Bay 3-Day to honor Rose, our mom and grandma, a 12-year survivor, inspiration for Team Rose Buds, and the maker of our PINK BLOOD that fuels the PASSION for out to participate in the 3-Day for the Cure!
Hugs and blessings,

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