Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pennies from Heaven

On my last three long training walks, I have found pennies. I immediately thought of pennies from heaven. Although I don't know of any particular angel that would send a penny to me, I truly believe that  a message is being sent.

These pennies from heaven have been strategically placed. Last weekend I found the first one when I was walking on the gravel road - like I have many times before. I did look at the date out of curiosity~2004, but it didn't have any significance, so I didn't put the penny aside. Then yesterday I found a shiny 2010 penny on my 11 mile walk on a sidewalk. Yes, I know people walk on sidewalks, but I live in the country. Although many cars use the road adjacent to the sidewalk, I have never passed another person using the sidewalk. Today's  2001 penny was found on the pavement in parking lot where I took a pit-stop on my walk and many others have walked before me.

To some people these may be ordinary pennies, but to me they are pennies from heaven.  When I find a penny, it isn't about heads-good and  tails-bad; it is about the message being sent with the penny. The message is different depending on the recipient's needs and is often God's way of starting a conversation. The message could be the push to make the next mile, or all these training walks will be worthwhile, or it could be a message from above that what I am doing is appreciated. There is one message that is always there if you look closely.

Hope you are noticing the messages being sent to you....

Pennies from Heaven
I found a penny today
just laying on the ground
But it’s not just a penny
this little coin I’ve found

“Found” pennies come from heaven
that’s what my Grandpa told me
He said angels toss them down
oh, how I loved that story

He said when an angel misses you
they toss a penny down
Sometimes just to cheer you up
make a smile out of your frown

So don’t pass by that penny
when you’re feeling blue
It may be a penny from heaven
that an angel tossed to you

Hugs and Blessings,

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  1. I will often toss my pennies onto the ground for other people to find. It's my own little way of reminding myself that sometimes you have to make your own luck. It's also nice to think I might be making someone else's day when they find them.

    ~ Kristen