Friday, April 9, 2010

Sacrifices and Support

The generosity of others is overwhelming. With every donation, my sister and I share happy dances proceeded by a flood of tears. The tears come from hope in finding a cure, faith the good Lord continues to give blessings , and love of others for their sacrifices and support.
Of course, the sacrifices are different for all of us. For my monetary contributors, I gratefully appreciate your donations, and as I have said over and over, without your generosity none of this would be possible. With the economy being the way it is I know every penny matters, so I appreciate the sacrifices you are making in order to support me in finding a cure for breast cancer.
In my job, I interact with college students, and as many realize students are on limited budgets. Thanks to my sister’s great idea of sweet treats, students and co-workers often stop by to purchase a bag of sweet treats for $1. I feel that this is a win-win situation. For one, the sweet treats are often needed pick-me-up snack. Second, it is a fairly easy way to make about $5 a day, and have been pleasantly surprised many days by having an extra dollar, two, or five in my jar. But the best reward for me is when someone sacrifices a few minutes out of their busy day to ask me about the fundraising, details about the walk, or shares a story about breast cancer. This often leads into my discussing how others can help in the fight against breast cancer without having to meet a fundraising goal by crewing or volunteering, and it is these discussions that really warm my heart and inspire along this journey.
As I proceed on this life-changing journey, I have come to realize how it is not only affecting me but the other members of my household. Many nights they have to smell the sweet treats baking. I will offer a tiny morsel taste of what I have cooked and tell them if they want more they have to buy them. It is mean teaches responsibility, but it works because on a couple occasions I have found $1 on the counter in the morning.  They also contribute by putting spare change in jar on the counter,  and I love it when the washer or dryer spits out some magic money for the jar-thanks to my son Josh for not checking the washer after he got done using it- I collected 52 cents today.
Josh has also taken a jar to work to place on the counter of Domino’s today, and upon a conversation with him yesterday, I discovered that he is sacrificing his tips for the cause by putting them in the jar.  My youngest son Jake’s sacrificing will come as my training gets more intense since I will have him join me on some of my walks, but I know he will be glad to since he suggested to Mark, my husband,  that I get some pepper spray to carry with me when I walk alone. Nice to know he is worried about his mom.  Of course a few days later, Mark had researched pepper spray and insisted that I ordered some.
As you may have figured out, Mark is  the kind of man that if I say I want or need something he makes it happen by making sacrifices. The sacrifices Mark has already made is overwhelming and our Already our discussions about boobies has changed from what it once was.  But, on a serious note, he also understands the difficulties of losing someone you love to cancer since he lost his mom to a long hard battle with ovarian cancer, and when I had a scare a few years ago, I think he realized then the importance of this cause to me and would be willing to do whatever is possible to find a cure for a breast cancer.
Finding a cure is what the 3-Day is all about because "everyone deserves a lifetime, " and I thank you for your support whether it is monetarily, with prayers, useful tips, or by reading my blog.  I can assure you that your sacrifices and support will NOT be taken for granted since they inspire me EVERY step of this incredible life changing journey.
Hugs and blessings,

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