Monday, April 12, 2010

My 3-Day Teammate

 Michele and Heidi

An integral part of this life changing journey is sharing the experience with my sister Michele. For the last several years I had inquired about participating in the 3-Day. Michele and I had discussed it from time to time on our weekly phone chats. This year we both knew it was the year and a great way to celebrate Michele’s 50th birthday while doing something bold for all the women who have battled breast cancer, including our mom-Rose. So, Michele attended a Getting Started Meeting in Palm Harbor, FL, and a few days later I attended a phone interview since I live in the sticks Cleveland, GA. Registration fees were paid, and we are set to participate in the Tampa Bay 3-Day.

As I was walking on my training walk yesterday, I was thinking about "the cause" and that led me to think how I am blessed to have a very supportive sister, who has been there for me through many of life’s challenges and blessings. From a very young age, my sister had to share a room with me, and when I wanted a glass of water late at night, she was there to get it for me, and after she got it for me, I threw it on her. Why I did that-I don’t know, but I have never forgotten it. As we grew and she matured, her side of the room had Peter Frampton posters and mine had Holly Hobby. Although we were/are very different individuals, I don't remember having any major disagreements even though there is a six year age difference. Maybe she was so cruel to me that I blocked that part of my life out. That's right-I am the one who threw water on her.

Life went on, Michele moved out, our parents divorced, but we would still get together on the weekends, and often had girl’s day out filled with shopping and lunch. We were each other’s maid or matron of honors in our weddings. Then our families began to grow, but we still remained to be very close. In fact, I babysat Michele’s girls and she attended a Lamaze class or two with me, and when I gave birth to my first son Josh, she was there to wipe my brow, feed me ice chips, and cut the cord, and then Jake came along three years later, I could still count on her constant support, and again she was there with Mom to walk the halls with me, wipe my brow, and give me coaching. I truly don’t know how I would have done it without her love and support.

Life’s road had many twist and turns for me over the next ten years, including Mom’s successful battle against breast cancer. Often when others didn’t get me, Michele did. She never lectured me for making mistakes but only gave me unconditional love. In fact, I need to give her a lot of credit for the blessed life I live today. So, when I blogged the other day about Sacrifices and Support, I didn’t mention my biggest supporter and cheerleader.

My sister is truly my friend, and biggest supporter in life, and I am extremely grateful to be taking this life changing journey with her in the fight against breast cancer. Although we are 600 miles apart, we talk weekly, share creative ideas for the walk, and do happy dances as we get closer to our fundraising goals for Team Rose Buds.

Hope all the other 3-Day walkers will be sharing their journeys with a great supporter like my sis.

Hugs and Blessings,

PS. Okay, Sis, I will give you a piggyback ride for part of the walk as payback for throwing water on you.

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