Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heidi's Training Walk

This morning many fellow walkers are attending 3-Day Training Walk Kick-offs. My sister/teammate Michele attended the one in Tampa,and since Atlanta's is in two weeks, I thought I would chronicle my morning walk.

I live on the summit of a small mountain in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Georgia, so my training walks may differ from many fellow 3-day walkers, including my sister who often walks near the Gulf Coast Beaches.

This morning I donned the pink 3-Day t-shirt and bright pink hat, gooed up my feet with Vaseline, laced up the shoes, strapped on the lumbar pack, loaded the water, grabbed the camera and pepper spray, and away I went. The first 0.3 of a mile is all down hill-pun intended.

At the bottom of the hill, I then turn left and walk for 0.6 of a mile.

This part of my walk is on a gravel road with many small ups and downs, sprinkling of houses, yippie dogs, fields, and pastures. I was disappointed this morning when the pastures were empty-I think the owners have moved the livestock since the county is currently working on paving the road, and it is a dusty mess.

Once I reach the state road, I turn around and head back. About halfway back, I venture up a paved road, and when I reach the top, I turn around and enjoy the view, let my heartbeat settle, and enjoy the beauty of God's work.

I walk another 0.2 of a mile, and then make the journey back down and continue on the gravel road. By now people are beginning to enjoy this beautiful morning and the peacefulness of the county is muffled intermittently by leaf blowers and lawn mowers; however, it doesn't take long and the road ventures back into a peaceful state.

Continuing past the paved road I originally descended, I continue on for another 0.4 of a mile. This part of the walk is very enjoyable since it is full of the country homes, livestock pastures, cool spring morning breezes ...

Then I come to the dust monsters....

That is when the realization hits that I may have to give into to doing laps around the school track for several weeks until they get the road completed because it is a dusty mess and hard on the sinuses, but with patience and a few short weeks this too shall pass. Back to the present and venturing up heartattack hill.

On the walk up I have become acquainted with an unusual friend...

This is my friend Rocky. I can always count on Rocky to be there for me in the same spot, and although Rocky never makes a sound, Rocky always provides me with the support and encouragement I need to finish my walk up the hill to my home. Okay, I sit my out-of-shape rumpus on this rock to drink some water, catch my breath, and let my heart feel like it doesn't need to beat out of my chest, and after a minute or two I am ready to finish the climb up the hill.

 A couple more turns and home is in sight.

At this point I have two options: walk through the woods which would probably be quicker or continue on the drive. I usually opt for the drive, so I enjoy more of nature's beauty.

And the neighbor's purple irises.

 At last, I am almost there...

Once I reach the humble abode, I take my shoes off -realizing the Vaseline and dusty road created quite the mess of my socks.

Leaving the socks behind, I grab a bottle of water, and head to the back deck, enjoy the view, rehydrate, and give thanks for another great walk. Until the next time...

Hugs and blessing,


  1. Ms. Heidi you are truly an amazing woman. I am squaling now. You are such a blessing in my life. You will never know and I could never tell you. I love you more than all the grains of sand, and pray God bless you all the days of your life.

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like a very peaceful walk!

  3. With a view like that, how do you ever manage to leave your house? It's so beautiful!