Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I am walking ...

Each year nearly 200,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 will die. On October 29-31, I will be embarking on a life-changing journey with my sister, Michele Miller, to help do our part in the fight against breast cancer when we walk 60 miles over three days and camp out at night in tents for the Tampa Bay Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.

My mom, Rose, was diagnosed nearly twelve years ago. When I think back to her courageous and gratefully successful battle, I always think of a television commercial of a woman who says "I have cancer; cancer doesn't have me.” Although mom may have been hurting and scared in her fight, she never complained, even after surgery or the grueling 16 weeks of radiation that followed. I can assure you I will think of mom and her positive outlook when I want to complain when walking. I also plan on my sister giving me a piggyback ride like she did when we were younger. :)

In addition to my mom, I will be walking to honor survivors such as my Aunt Marian- a two-time survivor with 33 years between diagnoses, Ramie- two-time survivor, Savonda-coworker at NGTC and Atlanta Susan G. Komen Ambassador in 2008, Anita-dear friend and student at NGTC diagnosed in 2007, in memory of my grandmother, who lived a long life as a survivor, and sadly, in memory of Trudy-family friend’s sister, a single mom of four with two at home and a new grandmother who lost her battle January 10, 2010. I would also be privileged to walk in honor, memory, or support of someone special to you since it is truly the stories of the breast cancer fighters and the fact that "everybody deserves a lifetime” that make walking 60 miles in three days the easy part of this life-changing journey.

In order to participate, Michele and I EACH need to collect $2300 in tax-deductible donations, and collecting the donations is hard part of my journey, but with your help, I am confident that it will be a successful journey. Proceeds from the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure are invested in research and community-based breast health and education programs, which are responsible for allowing my mother to remain cancer free. Donations can be made online by visiting my personal 3-day page at or my sister Michele's at, by calling 800-996-3DAY, or by mail using a donation form that can be printed from my personal 3-day page or requesting by email.

Thank you for supporting me because without your generosity none of this would be possible. Please feel free to pass along this information.


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